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Sphinx of the Karnack Mystery

The similarities between the shape of the Ram sphinx of Karnack and brain stem is really magical, despite the fact that it is not supported by a scientific clue to be 100% sure of the meaning behind this artifact, the similarities can’t be ignored.

The shape and structure of Osiris in the sphinx of Karnack match the shape of the brain stem (Figure 1), not only as a whole figure, but also with detailed similarity as we can notice:

  1. The joint legs match the medulla oblongata.
  2. The torso matches the pons.
  3. The piece on the head of Osiris matches the location of infundibulum.
  4. The two pieces Surrounding the head match the cerebral crus.
  5. The eyes of Osiris match the mammillary bodies.
Figure 1 Osiris statue and similarity with brain stem parts

The Rams stone, surprisingly seems to match the shape of the brain stem surrounded by the brain hemisphere, we can notice that; In the MRI scan, the ventricles are wide open, while in the extracted brain samples the ventricles has shrieked (Figure 2).

Figure 2 Ram stones and the brain stem similarities

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