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Arrow in Centre of Back

The beautiful bas-relief in the British Museum of a wounded lioness from an Assyrian Palace in Nineveh. Although Assyrian had no knowledge of the spinal cord the Babylonians and the Assyrians clearly understood

Akkadian Diagnostic Handbook

Ancient Assyria and Babylonia had a rich medical culture that survives partly through diverse therapeutic texts and a manual composed of 40 clay tablets known to modern scholars as the “Diagnostic Handbook”. These

The Earliest Artificial Eye

In 2006 the archaeologists found an artificial eyeball on a female skeleton in an ancient grave of the Burnt City’s cemetery, dated back to 4800 years ago .  Found by an Iranian archaeologist

Osiris Mummy Form Mastery

The mummy of Osiris, with the traditional position of cross hand appear to match the form of the brain stem, which might be indication that it was not a coincidence in the case

Eye of Horus Mystery

For some years there was interest in the shape of the Eye of Horus, when someone looks at the shape of the eye, it resembles the anatomy of the limbic system, and the

Nile Catfish

The Ancient Egyptians and the Greeks knew about the shocking powers of the Nile catfish and the electric ray or “torpedo” (Figure 1). There is no concrete evidence, however, to show that they

Heart Amulets in Egyptian Art

For the ancient Egyptians, the heart (ib) was the source of intelligence, feelings, and actions. A person’s memory was also housed in the heart and so at the judgment ceremony (Weighing of the