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Heart Amulets in Egyptian Art

For the ancient Egyptians, the heart (ib) was the source of intelligence, feelings, and actions. A person’s memory was also housed in the heart and so at the judgment ceremony (Weighing of the Heart) in the afterlife, the heart was able to speak on behalf of the deceased, accounting to Osiris for a lifetime of deeds. Therefore, heart amulets were used on the mummy to protect the owner’s organ and to ensure that his heart gave a positive response at judgment.
Symbol of wisdom and purity, the heart amulet was a central piece of the weighing of the heart where it was given to the deep as a symbol of Triumph of Purity and wisdom over the death and corruption [1].

1 Sousa, R.: ‘The meaning of the heart amulets in Egyptian Art’, Journal of the American Research Center in Egypt, 2007, pp. 59-70

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