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Neuroscience 7,000 years ago

is a virtual project concerned with the contributions of different civilizations toward the brain sciences since the Ancient Egyptians passing through different eras like Ancient Greeks, Ancient Indians, Romans, Mesopotamians, and Ancient Arab civilizations. Each civilization had various achievements in the medicine specifically the brain sciences which eventually lead to coherent and accessible science which is neuroscience.

Throughout various articles available on the website you can travel from one civilization to another, and know in-depth about their contribution to brain science. Beginning with the ancient Egyptians, what brain resemble them, the mummification and embalming processes of the brain. Additionally, the papyrus mentioned the first patients who had neurological symptoms are described in detail. Description of many psychiatric disorders has been documented for kings in different civilizations. How the medicine was 3000 B.C. especially those concerned with neurology. Popular physicians who participate in medicine and their scientific achievements particularly in the brain sciences will be included in addition to their resumes.

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This project aims to

document the contribution of ancient civilization in brain science. Neuroscience 7,000 years ago will be the first-ever known project concerned with documenting the chronological progress of the brain discoveries from the first civilization -Ancient Egyptians- till the modern era.

Neuroscience 7,000 years ago is a project funded by FENS (Federation of European Neuroscience Societies) as a part of FENS History Committee. Also, participated by a poster in the history corner in FENS 2020 12th Forum, and the poster was in the top 10% of the poster viewing statistics.


Dr. Hussien Youssef

 • Researcher in Movement and Posture Analysis at Marmara University
• 2020 Master Degree in Physical Therapy & Rehabilitation, Marmara University
• 2018 Master degree in Neuroscience & Biotechnology, Alexandria University
• 2017 Teaching Assistant at Horus University – Egypt
• 2016 Diploma in Neurological Rehabilitation • 2016 Manual Therapy Techniques of Mulligan Concept
• 2015 Bachelor of Physical Therapy & Rehabilitation, Cairo University
• Participant in many international courses and workshops related to Parkinson’s Disease in Germany, Turkey, and United Arab Emirates
• Member of the International Parkinson and Movement Disorder Society (MDS)
• Member of British Neuroscience Association
• Member of Federation of European Neuroscience Societies (FENS)
• Founder of Street Doctor

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regarding the project or any recommendations, please don’t hesitate to contact us through email: