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Sushruta was an ancient Indian surgeon who lived in India between 1000 – 800 BC, He was considered the father of medicine and surgery in India as a result of his achievements in this field [1].

Sushruta had several distinct and influential achievements in the fields of ophthalmology,  and plastic surgery, but despite this he was also interested in neurosurgery and neuroscience, as he explored and understood  the nervous system and described the nerves (dhamanis) as being responsible for several functions in the body, Such as vision , touch , smell, sound, laugh, speech , and other vital functions [2].

Sushruta was a follower of ayurvedic medicine and this type of medicine was well-known from thousands of years during the Vedic era in India. This medicine was based on cleansing of the body and restoring balance to the mind, body and spirit through herbal medicines, exercises, meditation and physical therapy [3], An ayurvedic medicinal practice mannual was found between 1200 to 600 B.C called “sushruta samhita”, it was written by Sushruta and contains an accurate description of some parts of the brain and their functions as well as a description of some brain diseases [4].


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